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This is simply a copy of my old XML-RPC article (2005). I’ve done a bit of content editing when converting the article to this blog format, but still most of the content is unchanged. 1. Introduction So you’ve decided to learn XML-RPC[1], or did the name just sound “freaky” and raised a little interest? If [...]


This is simply a copy of my old pic2html article (2005). I’ve done some minor content editing, mostly spelling but there still might be a few lines that doesn’t make any sense. 1. Introduction A long long time ago, I was a little trip by (no longer the same site), and well I must [...]

Benchmark class, what do I need?

Although micro-optimizing don’t give the biggest performance improvement, I often find my self wondering if using function X() instead of Y() is faster, and if my own function Z() is better. Most of the time I end up writing a small tiny benchmark test on the two or three functions, which then gives me a [...]

A quick look at the cURL Library

It was only until recently I discovered the PHP: cURL Library. I’ve been using homegrown functions for fetching HTTP requests, but with the cURL it’s not as much a hassle as it used to be. Remember that the cURL isn’t a PHP standard, and you need to install the extension. The basic functions I do [...]

PHP Ping

This is simply a copy of my old PHP Ping article (2005). I’ve done no content editing, only thing I’ve changed is the layout. 1. Introduction Notice: I will change between binary, decimal and hexadecimal notations, but if you let your mouse rest above the number, the 2 other notations will apear. Try moving your [...]

Hello World

Just a quick hi there. This is my first attempt on a blog, and for starters I will be converting my previous PHP artices into blog posts. This will allow for comments and questions on the articles, and I’ve long been hungry for some feedback. But still to lazy to write a simple comment feature [...]