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CSSParser release

So… I haven’t really been doing any work at all on the CSSParser(my own CSS Tidy project for reading and compressing CSS) I started on a couple of months ago. What happened is what always happens with my own projects. After I’ve implemented the initial idea, I start to loose interest.
But I’ve made it further with this CSSParser than I usually do, so I’ve decided to release the source code for the project. Not every function will be well documented but I’ve tried to comment as much as possible.

Download it here.

I’ll do a quick explanation of how the process, just to give an idea of how it all works.

  1. The CSSParser class reads a given CSS, using a single preg_match_all call.
  2. Now then class will start to build up an array of CSSSelector classes. This class will hold all the properties and identifiers of a CSS selector from the given CSS.
  3. Each property of the CSSSelector will be held in a CSSProperty class or a class extended the CSSProperty like CSSBorder and CSSBox. This way it’s easy to add more specific output on properties, simply by extending the CSSProperty class and making your own property class.
  4. Now all the data is structured in the CSSParser class. And by calling the printCSS() function with a CSSOut class as the argument, we can get the CSS out the way we want.

When printing the CSS a very primitive templating system is used, where the template simply is PHP that has access to the list of selectors after they’ve been run through a preProcess function optimizing the data for output.
An example can be the template1.php file (found in the downloadable zip):

foreach ($data as $selector) {
    echo implode(",\n", $selector->identifier);
    echo " {\n";
    foreach ($selector->properties as $property) {
        foreach ($property->getProperty($settings) as $key => $value) {
            echo "\t$key: $value;\n";
    echo "}\n";

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