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BeeThis is simply a copy of my old pic2html article (2005). I’ve done some minor content editing, mostly spelling but there still might be a few lines that doesn’t make any sense.

1. Introduction

A long long time ago, I was a little trip by http://romanm.ch (no longer the same site), and well I must admit pretty impressing, try to take a look your self, especially the movies are well made.
Anyway, this gave me the idea of making an image to pure html code. My theory was that it would be simple to make a picture look good even with nothing but html (and as you’ll see later this was the truth, it’s possible to make 100% replicas), even though it’ll be size heavy.
Before we get going, remember to enable the GD library[1], for PHP. If you don’t know how, consult the PHP manual. I wont be going into details about the different GD lib functions, so you’ll need to read up on the GD functions you’re not familiar with in the manual as well.

2. rgb2html

First off we need a function to change the RGB color code to HTML color code (or simple from decimal to hexadecimal[2]). Lucky for us PHP is filled with a lot of helper functions, that sometimes turns out to be, well useful. This time it’s the great comeback for the dechex function, which convert a decimal number to hexadecimal. I’ve packed this down in a little function:

function rgb2html($clrR, $clrG, $clrB, $intReturn = 2) {
    $clrR = substr("0" . dechex($clrR), -2);
    $clrG = substr("0" . dechex($clrG), -2);
    $clrB = substr("0" . dechex($clrB), -2);
    if ($intReturn == 1)
        return array('red' => $clrR, 'green' => $clrG, 'blue' => $clrB);
    elseif ($intReturn == 2)
        return $clrR . $clrG . $clrB;

In our code, all we need is the function which spits out the color code as a string, but I got carried away and made a little extra (return as an array). And you can like any other of my functions in any of my articles, (ab)use them like a mad man, if that’s you desire, just as long as you don’t say you’ve written then your self. Read more »