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Benchmark class, what do I need?

Although micro-optimizing don’t give the biggest performance improvement, I often find my self wondering if using function X() instead of Y() is faster, and if my own function Z() is better. Most of the time I end up writing a small tiny benchmark test on the two or three functions, which then gives me a quick overview of the functions speed.
So I’ve decided to make a small and simple to use micro-benchmarking class.


Basically this class is all about being easy to use, so you don’t have to spend a long time setting up a test.

  • Easy to set up. The class should be used for those small tests, where you’re in doubt of which piece of code is fastest. And if one is to test a piece of code, for a tiny performance increase (maybe more out of curiosity than an actual application improvement), it should only take a couple of minutes to set the test up. If it takes 15 minutes to create a test every time, you wont take the time to write the test if you’re in the middle of something else.
  • Readable output. For the same reasons it should be easy to set up, the output needs to be readable when the test is done, without any post-test-processing. It would be good if the output could be chosen, so you could either get the easy to read, or a more in-depth detailed result (maybe formatted for post-processing in another environment).

Nice to have

Again with the intentions of making this easier to work with, it would be great to have a feature, where you would just write the piece of code you wanted to test, and then have the class handle the rest. Read more »