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Checking for a value

Reasoning behind the bench

I’ve been working a bit on my CSSParser (which I will rename to CSSReader og CSSHandler when I get around to it), and one thing I found out was, when reading shorthand values (like: border: 1px solid #00ffff;) you can’t assume they always come in the same order.
If we take a border property as an example:

.something {
  border-right: 1px dashed #00ff00;
  border-left: dashed 1px rgb(255,0,0);
  border-top blue solid 1px;

This shows that the border shorthand value can have a different order of subvalues, and the actual value data can change alot (notice the 3 different ways of defining a color, the rgb() still cause me a bit of trouble). So to set an array (mapped with [‘width’], [‘style’] and [‘color’]) I can’t just split the string and set it, I need to split the string and then try to guess every value. To guess the values I’ll be running through the following process: Read more »

Benchmark class, release (& first test)

So as promised I’ve cleaned up and commented a bit on my Bench class. And let me get to it, you can

Download it here.

Bench suite

I’ve also made my first test in my new (and not to pretty, but working) bench suite. The bench suite is a site where I can gather my different tests, and be able to easily access them later on for references. So far it’s a very simple setup, where I have:

  • A list of the tests. This goes through a directory where each test has it’s own test file, and use some of the data in the file to make an informative list.
  • A runner. Which will run each test, and output the results in an easy to read table, along with the actual source code of the test.

Down the road I would like to improve a bit on the interface which is lacking to say the least. I’ve also been planning on saving the test data so I can get an average result of all the tests run.

Empty loops test

So the very first test I’ve done is a simple empty loop(it will run the test every time you, so the result wont be identical to what I’ve displayed below) test. And it also works as a quick how-to for the class it self.
What I wanted to test with this bench, was the difference between the for, while and do..while loops, and as an added bonus I also tested a goto loop (more for the fun of things). I’ve also tested everything with a pre and post increment. Anyway the result of the test looks as following Read more »